Asked by AmbitiousTruth from usa | Jul. 10, 2021 15:55
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Love and marriage

MY husband (Aron) 1-25-83 and I (Tasha) 1-25-84 have been together for years and married for over 8 years. Its been hard and we are at crossroads should we stick it out or part ways?. Thank you

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Answered by Amy | Jul. 12, 2021 20:19
Actually your husband is a Dog and you are a Pig. According to your zodiac signs, you two can make a complementary couple so I advise you to stick it out.
Answered by Yang from China | Jul. 15, 2021 02:39
It is true your husband is Water Dog and you are Water Pig, however, these are NOT a complementary match. You can make it work, with some effort, but it will never be ideal. You are both too sensitive and easy to take offense over something the other said or done, which can escalate quickly. You'd need to both ''toughen up'' in order to make the relationship stable in the long run.

Good luck
Answered by Ambitious Truth | Jul. 19, 2021 03:54
Thank you for your reply but neither are correct for our signs, yes he is a dog 1983 but i am a rat 1984 but we clash and there is definitely disrespect and toxicity in the relationship not compatibility. However it did start off better in the beginning but things quickly went down hill and got worse, but thank you
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