Asked by Lisa | May. 29, 2021 03:44
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Hi. I am Aquarius Rabbit woman. My Date of birth is 5. 2. 1988.

I met 2 x different men for my love interest. The first man is an Capricorn Monkey and his date of birth is 17.1.1981.

Also, the second man is Leo Rooster and his date of birth is 3.8.1981.

It said Capricorn Monkey is an perfect match to me, but, Leo Rooster is not match to me for love interest for long term commitment relationship.

Will there an balance for me to paired with an first man or an second man? Thank you.

Answers (2)
Answered by Gavin | May. 30, 2021 18:27
Oh, Lisa, the prediction is just a reference for sometimes. You should follow your heart. Both of them can become a good match with you. You should spend more time to know about those two people.
Answered by Darlene | Jun. 05, 2021 15:18
Gavin is correct. I am a pig and my husband of 27 years was a snake. We were perfect together and he was my best friend.
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