Asked by Peter lee from Holland | Jun. 11, 2020 12:22
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What about after 60 day extension tourist visa

Im on a tourist visa and have received a 60 day automatic extension because the corona virus. Will i get another extension automatically? Or can i apply? Or do i need to exit china. Im in shenzhen

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Answered by Sue from South Africa | Jun. 13, 2020 18:19
You can apply for another extension at your local exit entry and need to submit a newly completed visa application you can find on the visa website (same one you completed when applying for tourist visa) and invitation letter stating you need an extension and the person is still ok with you visiting, or proof of hotel accommodation, proof that there are no available flights to your country as well as the police accommodation registration when you entered China. Your friend's passport & residents permit and rent contract if staying with a friend. Proof that you can support tourself or your friend will support you. Plus you will need to pay the visa fee (160 yuan)
Answered by teddy from usa | Jun. 18, 2020 16:53
full stop, they will not issue you a tourist visa extension because there are flights out of china. there is no other option but to leave.

if you have business investments, family, a job or school here and the appropriate visa, then you might be able to get an extension, but they will cancel your current visa and the new one will likely only be for 90 days and cost 950 yuan. then in 80 days you will need to reapply and pay the fee again. rinse and repeat......
Answered by Steven from Australia | Jun. 21, 2020 00:25
Question to teddy. where can i find that information on the tourist visa not getting extension? please it would be helpful
Answered by mac wong from United Kingdom | Jun. 24, 2020 06:34
i have just got my tourist L visa extended for 30days at the Zhuhai entry exit bureau on a uk passport. so is possible to get one after your 60days auto visa.
Answered by Frank from China | Jul. 01, 2020 04:14
in shenzhen they arent extending tourist visas. of course if you have some sort of emergency or something they *could* do whatever they want and extend it... but when I was in the office they were refusing people left and right one after the other.

I have also read from several other people on this board that other cities are also telling people with tourist visas since flights are available now you must leave according to the visa "stay" listed in your passport sticker. and once you leave china you currently cannot reenter china due to the virus arrival policy.

if you qualify for/once the automatic 60 day virus extension expires theyll tell you to leave before the expiration date or pay fines. if you have a different type of visa and can get a new one they will cancel your current visa first. for example I had a 10 year family visa - now I have a 3 month family visa (FOR THE SAME PRICE!!!) with no guarantee it can be extended beyond that time.

BEST ADVICE!!! go to the entry exit office and ask yourself - dont call or trust what you read online because that is all general info and likely not applicable to you. in fact what I was told twice when I called two different cities immigration offices turned out to be totally wrong. those people on the phones are receptionists and not actual immigration officers and what they say has no recourse!! if I followed their instructions I could be in serious trouble right now.

they are reciprocating what other countries are doing with visas now and also implementing a new more thorough information gathering ad tracking visa program (photos, medical, background, purpose statement, biometric etc) - the same as with most other countries. get used to it.
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