Asked by Lola Targaryen from Malaysia | Jan. 12, 2020 06:09
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Urgent. Help me decide between two people

I need help deciding between two guys to marry. Both ask for my hand and im torn. I need guidance please. My birthday is 1st october 1989. Guy A's birthday is 16 April 1989. Guy B's birthday is 10 June 1987. Both are serious. I have strong feelings for both and truly cant decide. Please help me determine which is most suitable as i want to be married. I really appreciate all the help from the universe. Thank you so much.

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Answered by Mimi from United States | Jan. 12, 2020 07:52
None! Is obvious that you don’t truly love either. When someone truly loves they shouldn’t have to make a choice... but if your strongly attracted to both depending on your goals then marry then one that will give you more money stability, or marry the one you’ll have more fun, it depends on your priorities. But true love! Is neither one!
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