Asked by Eleonor from HONGKONG | Aug. 09, 2018 06:58
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Finding true love and better job

I am a dragon woman born in September15,1964..can I still find a better job and have opportunity to travel .i am separated now and is there a second chance for me. I have a daughter and what course is best for her. Thanks
Eleonor from HK

Answers (1)
Answered by Darnell from United Kingdom | Aug. 09, 2018 18:36
Dear Eleonor,
I have to tell you it is not easy for you to find out your true love but you are sure to find a job. You are advised to get along well with your leaders and colleagues in the future, which is good for your career developments. In your love life, you should take part in more outdoors activities to meet new people and make more friends. Best wishes to you.
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