Asked by elijha from Louisiana's | May. 30, 2018 17:31
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what's my love and fortune for the year?? of the dog

what's my love and my fortune of the year of the (dog) will i ever find my true love out there i feel like i can't find the special someone that i could connect to and what's my luck fortune of the year of the (dog)

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Answered by Kersen from USA | May. 30, 2018 21:26
At first, you can pay more attrition to the person with Rabbit is your best match. You have common values and interests and can give more understanding to each other. In you love life, you may meet your soul mate this year but you should be modest to trest your lover and do not press him or her too much. Then you may have less quarrels and own a happy marriage life.
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