Asked by "Bean" from Ireland | Mar. 22, 2018 10:16
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Rooster (22/12/1993) and Dragon (13/12/1988), will we persevere and create peace together?

As a Rooster, I have had a rocky relationship with my Dragon Partner (together on/off for over 3 years). We're both young and, from his end, still having a lot to work through personally to succeed and be part of a giving, mature relationship. We have faced many challenges together and always tried to reconcile them in some way, and we always end up back with one another, even though we're not necessarily matched in the horoscopes and all odds seem to be stacked against us. There is so much love and endurance there, it's just not been a safe space or very consistent. I am sure this is the man I want to love for the rest of my life, but is our recent bump in the road the end for us? Should I set him free for good? Or after space and time and whatever that brings, will we learn to move past our differences and have a long-lasting romantic relationship together in the future? I really hope we do, because I've never felt so sure and unconditional about my feelings for anyone before, and I accept him fully, despite our constant quips and diversions. Will he feel the same? Are we destined to fail? (I really hope not.)

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Answered by Easton from Ukraine | Mar. 22, 2018 20:56
Well, you should have more confidence about your love relationship. It is good for you to face the difficulties together. Actually you two love each other deeply. In future life, you are advised to have more common hobbies. This way is do help to improve the love relationship a lot. Don't give up easily.
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