Asked by Sonia from Australia | Oct. 23, 2017 00:28
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Hard Work but not much return: My birth date 12-June-1973

Hi i am working 7 days, job and business. I would like to make my business grow so that I can leave the job, as the job is paying for dinner on the table but not to fulfilling the small demands of kids.
Can you tell me when can I see my buisness grow.

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Answered by Paisley from Netherlands | Oct. 24, 2017 00:58
Well, Sonia, according to the Chinese zodiac 2018 prediction, it won't bring much luck to you and your family. About career, you may meet fierce competitions that may lead to money losses. Avoid making any high risked investments. You can advised to accumulate wealth patiently and finish goals step by step. In addition, you should pay more attention to your family members. Do not just focus on your own business.
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