Asked by Mai from United state | Oct. 10, 2017 18:42
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Hi, I was born on 10/29/1975. I dated a guy was born on 6/11/1972 for 4 months.

After 4 months he disappeared without any words. Everything went well in that 4 months. I was wondering if he will contact or come to meet me anytime soon or we are not meant to be?? Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.


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Answered by Peter from Australia | Oct. 10, 2017 23:44
I’m not surprised to read your story, as this year everything you plan, doesn’t come the way you want it. There are so many men out there, looking desperately for a woman partner. Your only mistake was that you chose the wrong man. Try to find a man from your own astrological triangle Rabbit-Goat-Pig. Your vanished man (Rat) had a bad year this year as well. He has big plans, and you don’t fit into his dreams. He will never contact you again. Next time, write here the date of birth of a man you consider dating. If the Chinese Astrology says you two are not compatible, don’t waste 4 months and suffer disappointments. Good luck to you.
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