Asked by Josh from Manila | Sep. 25, 2017 21:50
About:Year of the Snake

What job is the best for me? Born on January 22,1977 5:57AM

I was born under the FIRE Snake and This year is year of the Rooster why My financial status this year of the rooster is like a rooster? Thank you

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Sep. 26, 2017 00:03
Transiting Saturn squares your 2nd House of Money for 8 more months, so it will cause the same problems to you. It has to do with the fact that Neptune also transits through your 2nd House of Money, and tells you lies about how much money you should get. Transiting Uranus is about to enter your 4th House, and for the next 7 years it will bring lots of changes to your home. Uranus will also square your 7th House of Marriage causing trouble for you in your partnership life. Because your Midheaven was in Scorpio, so you will be good at handling other people’s money, and work in insurance business, in corporate affairs, and in banking. Your afflicted Saturn in Leo means you should not make speculative investments, but you could work in entertainment, and in business. Jupiter in your 4th House means you will be lucky and happy in the later part of your life. Do not go to foreign countries, as you had an afflicted Pluto in your 9th House, and your life would be in danger there. You had an afflicted Uranus in your 10th house of Career, so it would be best for you to be your own boss, and not take orders from others. You will always earn money. Do not trust your friends. Good luck to you.
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