Asked by A from Australia | Sep. 06, 2017 11:42
About:Year of the Rat

Born between 3:30~5:30 am (close to but before sunrise) on the morning of April 26th 1984, Cambodia.

Could you please tell me of my future for the coming years in terms of career, health, wealth and love? Will my "plans" to financial freedom come to fruition? Will I meet the one? Or have I already met him? Will I have a family of my own (kids)? Health issues?

Many thanks in advance.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Sep. 06, 2017 18:52
You have a joyful character, and are very capable and bright woman. You will always be successful in love. You will have a well-balanced marriage. You will have problems with inheritance from your husband. You are a good organizer of events, and like to influence others. You depend too much on your friends. Make sure your blood pressure is within normal limits, and also check your cholesterol levels. You are kind and well-mannered. You need to be loved by a handsome man. You will work in the public sector. You are intelligent and tolerant. You have a passionate character, and are attracted to foolish things. You like to help others, and are original and free. You demand moral principles from others. You enjoy drama in your personal life, and are a rebel. You need to expand. You search for fulfilment. Sometimes, people around you misunderstand you. Learn to use fully your energy. Sometimes you are obsessed with men, and like to keep secrets. You will always be younger looking than your real age. You search in others what you don’t have. You will experience some problems in marriage. You are energetic and inquisitive. Do not try to escape in dreams. You will be close to your mother. Incidents will happen to you all of a sudden. Control your love feelings. You will always find a solution to any problem. Your advice is always right. Jupiter had entered your 7th House of Marriage, so for the next 12 months you have the chance to get married. You may not have children. For months from now on transiting Uranus will conjunct your natal Mercury, so you will feel the need to change your life, and will have good intuition. You will also make new connections, and will go on sudden journeys.
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