Asked by APARNA04 | Sep. 03, 2017 12:30
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career question: my date of birth is November 1st, 1996

i am currently in college 3rd year and then after one more year i will be applying to medical college entrance exam as i want to become a doctor and attend medical college.
i would like to know if i will be successful in exam and gain admission to medical school to become a doctor? thanks


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Answered by Peter from Australia | Sep. 03, 2017 23:58
Yes, you will be successful at entering the medical school. You had Sun conjunct Mercury in your chart, which makes you very intelligent. You had an extraordinary aspect of Saturn (the planet which helps us do things right). It was Saturn trine Pluto (the planet which points to your age-group objectives.) You have the ability to understand the laws of the Universe. Your willpower is tremendous, and you will work persistently towards achieving your goal. You will also make an excellent coordinator in your field of work. Good luck to you.
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