Asked by Genie from USA | Aug. 29, 2017 15:47
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Career/job related question: I am a female and was born in July 22, 1974 at 3:05 AM (Vietnam).

Hello, I recently got a new job. I would like to know how my career will be for the rest of this year and in 2018. Will i do good at this new job? Will I be promoted either in this or next year 2018?
Also, I would like to know about my health and family life in 2018. Thanks so much.

Answers (1)
Answered by Sheila from USA | Aug. 29, 2017 22:57
Your career will develop smoothly in 2017 and will get promoted next year. You will have a pretty good performance in this job and make some breakthroughs in 2018.
You may have some problems with your stomach and should take health examinations regularly.
You relationship with your husband will be steadier.
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