Asked by Rakesh Kumar Mehta from Nepal | Jul. 19, 2017 13:01

Hi i am Dr.Rakesh from Nepal going to Maldives, 45hr transit in Guangzhou

I am a Nepalese Citizen. I am traveling to Maldives and I have a 44 hour transit in Guangzhou,
My questions are:
1. Do i have to stay in Airport for 44hr? or my
airline will arrange me a hotel (China
Southern Airlines)?
2. If i choose to stay outside Airport, How far
inside the city i can travel to?
3. Will i get 44 hour transit visa? Or its just,
24hr visa?
4. If its just 24 hour visa what should i do for
remaining 20 hours??

P. S
I was a former student in china and have stayed there for 6 years.

Answers (1)
Answered by Tim from Canada | Jul. 20, 2017 00:38
1. You do not have to stay in the airport for 44 hours. As I know, your airline can arrange a hotel to you for one night, and you may ask the staff to help you book this service when you buy the ticket. Besides, you can also book this service on the official website of China Southern Airline.
2. If you choose to stay outside the airport, there is no limit about the distance inside the city.
3/4. According to your situation, it is just 24 hour visa free, so you need to apply a visa for your transit since your layover is over 24 hours.
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