Asked by Susan from United States | Jun. 29, 2017 06:14
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Hello Peter,
My name is Susan. Can you tell me my fortune in relationship, finance and health for this year?

Answers (2)
Answered by Peter from Australia | Jun. 29, 2017 17:39
Your career will play an important role in your life, and this year, fortune will smile at you. After your birthday, you will have the chance to climb up the ladder and get a better position. Your love life will also improve this year, and if you are single you will meet a respectable man, with whom you will have the chance to marry. If you are married, you will strengthen your love bond with your man this year. All your life you need to protect your heart, stomach and your nervous system. You always attract down-to-earth men. Your natal Venus squared Pluto therefore you love could turn easily into extreme dislike. Your Venus was conjunct Jupiter hence you have artistic abilities. You had few planets in water signs therefore you find it difficult to put your feelings into words. You are required to be caring and kind. Your professional problems steam from the fact that you are in conflict with your bosses. Your mother plays an important role in your life. You should keep away from people who exercise a bad influence on you. Your financial fortune will go up and down all your life. Your family life doesn’t play an important role for you. Good luck to you.
Answered by susan from USA | Aug. 11, 2017 11:30
Hello Peter.

Currently I'm going through a divorce because my husband cheated on me. I'm seeing someone at the moment but I still love my husband. Would my best choice be my soon to be ex husband or someone else?
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