Asked by joise from usa | Jun. 06, 2017 15:40
About:Year of the Rabbit

Hi I am A Pig born 04/02/1971 at 2:13 pm maracaibo venezuela

I will like to know what it will be my best lucky and love partner a Dog born in habana cuba 10/23/1970 at 12:00 am or a Rabbit 09/03/1963 at 4:00 pm valle hermoso mexico.
I will like to know about my profession in sales

Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from Australia | Jun. 06, 2017 19:19
Your Ascendant was 14°20' in Leo. You had the best position of Venus in Pisces, which makes you an old soul, and it seems you know a great deal from past lives, and you don’t need to learn too much from experience. With Saturn in your 10th House of Career, your success in sales will be assured. It also requires that you should never make mistakes at work, and that you work by the book. Your financial success will come through your marriage partner. Your best choice for a marriage will be the person born 8 years before you, or 1963. You had Sun in your 8th House, so you will benefit monetarily from your partner. Natal Mercury in your 9th House helps you do well in foreign countries. Your afflicted Mars in your 5th House of love and children makes you prone to change lovers, and you may not have children. You had 4 retrograde planets in your natal chart, so you are a classy person.
Your finances will always be unstable as you had Uranus in your 2nd House of Money. Your success in your career is assured after years of hard work. This year you will be lucky. Good luck to you.
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