Asked by Marivic from Philippines | Jun. 03, 2017 11:10
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Help on relationship, career, and wealth (female, Sept20 '91, 10:23PM, Manila)

I found on thru this site that 2017 would be rough on me, but I need to know what the stars have in line for me to guide me in decision-making. I hope you help me on this.

RELATIONSHIP: My partner is born Dec29 '92, Manila (he doesn't know time).
1. How much are we compatible?
2. Will we have a major conflict this year? Can you please predict the cause?
3. What year could we possibly have a baby?

CAREER: I am currently a teacher.
1. Is this really the career for me? Or will there be something better in store?
2. What kinds of career should I incline to?
3. I think I'd like to try RESEARCH FIELD. Will it be possible this year?
4. When could I possibly be promoted?

1. Should I invest this year?
2. What month this year will I be in most trouble financially?

Sorry if this is too much to ask for. Your answers will really guide me in decision-making. Thank you so much!

Answers (1)
Answered by Tina from Vietnam | Jun. 04, 2017 14:11
Well,it is a lot but I can help.For relationship You two are 20% for each other.(sorry about that)It's hard for you two to communicate and since you can't accept each other's living habits,ideas and concepts it's not a good match.It may even lead to death actually.So yes it will end up as a big,big,big,big conflict.For career,coincidentally,the teacher is the best job for you so no need to change job.Although,remember to work with others.And last but not least,for wealth,try to save money but avoid investments.The most worst month(s)for you will be June and/or March.(most likely "and")Because in June,accidents could happen in work and your ideas may not be accepted by people that have higher ranks than you.You could also suffer from illness.In March,your health is what you need to worry about the MOST.Good luck ☘️🍀☘️🍀🍀☘️🍀🍀
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