Asked by AB from India | May. 24, 2017 09:31
About:Year of the Tiger

Hi , am AB frm India born in 10 August 1996 at 12:14pm in Mumbai , India .

I have finished my grad and am interested in writing . My question is would that become my Career or do you see some change coming in ?
By when would I get in a job ? Also have been trying to go abroad - wd I be able to this year ? Or do I have to wait ?

Thank You , Sir.

Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from Australia | May. 24, 2017 16:38
Looking at our natal chart, I see you had well-aspected Mercury in your 10th House of career, therefore your success is assured if you work in the media, especially in sports, or as a public relations officer for the Army or the Police, since your Mercury makes the closest good aspect to Mars. Although, foreign countries attract you, because your Sun was in a fixed sign (Leo) you will live in Mumbai most of your life. Your Sun was on the Midheaven, so you will climb up socially through your career, and will be good at marketing, and at writing good stories promoting certain products. You should live a bit to the west from your birthplace. Transiting Uranus is now in your 6th House of Work, and will be there for the next seven years, and it will bring to you lots of opportunities in your work. Your natal Jupiter was in your 2nd House of Money, so your material success will be certain. You will either work for the Government, or you could also gain a fortune through education, literature or travel. You will have a luxurious lifestyle. You have good business skill, and you will make a sound investment, and will spend prudently. You could work as a tour organizer, to take tourists on holiday tours either in India or abroad. You had 5 retrograde planets in your chart so you are a classy person. You had Saturn in your 5th House, so you could also work in real estate, or in buying and selling art objects, or work in schools, or in entertainment, or stockbroking. You will learn valuable lessons through your love-life. As Jupiter transits now through your 11th House, you will have brilliant ideas, which will help you with your career. Good luck.
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