Asked by John from Australia | May. 24, 2017 02:23
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Hi Peter its me John

Can you tell my Fortune in relationships for this year, finance and career wise?

DOB: Feb 26 1989 Time 10:59

Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from Australia | May. 24, 2017 03:48
At the moment transiting Jupiter is in your 5th House of Love, and it makes you very lucky in this part of your life. You exude confidence at this time, and the young ladies locate you quickly. Jupiter will be there until the end of September this year, and then it will go into your 6th House of Work and Health, helping you with your work. From the middle of September this year, transiting Sun will enter your 5th House of love and will stay there for a month, warming your love life. Transiting Saturn makes a positive aspect right now to your 10th House of Career, helping you make the right choice in your line of work. Usually I don’t encourage anyone to play the lottery, but until the end of September, you could be lucky, because the 5th House also rules over the games of chance. If you do play lottery now and then, do it responsibly. Luck will grant many advantages to you this year. Good luck to you.
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