Asked by Joseph Chuang from Malaysia | Mar. 14, 2017 01:14
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Anyone can assist to answer whether there is any transport from Meizhou to Si Keng Cun?

By bus, how much and by taxi, how much? Where to take them?

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Answered by Jack from china | Mar. 15, 2017 21:13
You mean the Sikeng Village in the Meitang Town, Puning, Jieyang City, right? You can take the direct coach at the Main Bus Station to the Puning at first. Upon arrival, you can take bus no.12 to the village directly. Alternatively, you can charter a car to the village because there is no taxi to the destination. Relatively speaking, taking a taxi is a little expensive to rent a car. Nice trip!
Answered by Joseph Chuang from Malaysia | Mar. 16, 2017 20:25
Thanks for your reply. The Si Keng Village (西貢村) that I am referring to is near Songkouzhen (宋口鎮). Is it the same village?
Answered by Jack | Mar. 16, 2017 21:00
Oh, sorry. I'm afraid not. If you mean the Sikeng Village in the Songkou Town, Meixian District, you can take the bus no.9 at the Bus Terminal to the Dingziqiao Gas Station. Then Walk westwards for about 250 yards (230 meters), and take bus no.45 at the Shunfengche Station across the road. Later, get off at the Songkou Station, and walk towards for about 950 yards (840 meters) to find the village. The distance is a little long between two places, so I do not recommend to take a taxi.
Answered by Joseph Chuang from Malaysia | Mar. 17, 2017 04:25
Meaning there is no direct bus to Songkou Town? Jack, thank you for the info. Fully appreciated.
Answered by Jack | Mar. 17, 2017 04:26
Yes, no direct public bus operates between these two places.
Answered by Joseph Chuang from Malaysia | Mar. 19, 2017 20:33
Good morning, Jack. Appreciate that you could assist to provide Dingziqiao Gas Station and Shunfengche Station is chinese characters. Thank you.
Answered by Joseph Chuang from Malaysia | Mar. 19, 2017 20:38
Ding Ziqiao Gas Station = 定子橋加油站

Shunfeng Che Station = 順豐車站

Is it correct?
Answered by Joseph Chuang from Malaysia | Mar. 19, 2017 21:30
Jack, what is the distance between Meizhou and Songkouzhen? If by car, what is the estimated cost?
Answered by Jack | Mar. 20, 2017 20:24
It's about 30 miles (50 kilometers) between two places. I'm sorry that I have no idea about the specific cost.
I found another route just now. You need to go to Jiayingqiaotou Station in MZ at first. Then, you can take bus no.56 there to Sikeng Village directly.
Jiayingqiaodou Station = 嘉应桥头站
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