Asked by Atrocities from Singapore | Mar. 04, 2017 05:40
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Born in Apr 5, 1988. Career aspect.

Dragon indeed having to start with great year in 2017. There comes the dilemma. I (male) was promoted in current company and at the same time there is another company which offer me with greater package (salary & position). Current company is stable and new company has legal issue (past). Both are listed companies. I have a dilemma as the package is too good to reject. Please advise.

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Answered by Sherlock from India | Mar. 11, 2017 02:55
Dear, you should see this problem in the long term. As you said, the current company is steady and you just got promotion. You should see if the new company can also make your career stable and if you can get promotion in the future. You’d better make a comprehensive comparison in regard of this two companies and then make the final decision.
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