Asked by Marta from Japan | Mar. 03, 2017 10:56
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Female born November 15th 1984 and dealing with big issues

My name is Marta, I was born November 15th 1984, I have been married for 4 years now but felt not happy in my relationship for a while. I met another man and I broke the vow of my marriage as I felt completely unwanted and alone. I am sad about it and my husband just learnt about it from someone else. We are having serious problem and I wanted to know what could be done now and later on as I am completely despondent but also need to move on as my husband has been completely absent in our marriage and for months now.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Mar. 07, 2017 15:07
Even the trickiest issues can be resolved. What was done was done. I see you have in natal chart some predispositions. Your natal Venus was conjunct Neptune. On the positive side you are capable of the highest spiritual love. Being next to a man, you make him cheerful. You attract men like a magnet. You like soothing music. On the negative side you are impractical, a romantic dreamer, who is a burden to people around. In love, this aspect makes you deceptive and fickle. Your natal Mercury was conjunct Uranus, therefore, you have an independent mind, and traditions do not concern you. You will find an original solution to your current problem. Your natal Sun was conjunct Saturn, so your self-expression and dreams are limited. You could only act when you can get to know your limitations. Only your self-discipline will help you to fulfill yourself. Take advantage of opportunities. Saturn transits at the moment over your natal Venus, so it will force you to put this house of love in order. Your natal Moon in Leo makes you feel like a Princess, and the fact that your husband is absent for a long time, makes things worse, in your self-esteem department. If you don’t feel anymore love for your husband, then it is best to tell him you want a divorce. As with the majority of people, there is the romantic side and the material side in any relationship, so you must not confuse them. You will move on, but the conjunction of Venus with Neptune will be with you anywhere you may go, as this conjunction is in your constitution. I wish the best of luck to you and to your husband, no matter what you or him may decide in regard to your marriage.
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