Asked by NAOMI from USA | Feb. 28, 2017 15:33
About:Year of the Pig

DOB Is August 3 1995, toronto canada When is the BEST YEAR to get MARRIED?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Feb. 28, 2017 16:58
Because you were born in the year of the Wood Pig (you are the famous and lucky Miss Piggy of the Chinese folklore,) beware of the year of the Dragon, and never get married on that year. The best month for you to get married is September, and the second best is August. Do not marry in the year of the Snake or Monkey. A good year for your marriage will be Ox or Rabbit year. Because your yearly element is Wood, the yearly element of the year must be Water (like 2023 the Water Rabbit), so you will benefit a lot from that marriage. So the best time for your marriage is 6 years from now, in August or September 2023. Good luck to you.
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