Asked by Scorpio 1977 from Australia | Feb. 28, 2017 01:52
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Predictions for 2017 and overall compatibility

I am a Scorpio born 4th November 1977 and he is a Cancer born 26th June 1976 (dragon). We are experiencing ups and downs, will this year be better and what does our overall future hold from a compatibility perspective.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Feb. 28, 2017 15:29
The table on this page at Love compatibility shows that a person born in the year of the Snake make the perfect match with a person born in the year of the Dragon. A word of caution from me is that your yearly elements are both Fire, and where is too much Fire, there is the risk of a fight between the two of you, as each one of you wants to be in charge of this relationship. I’m afraid that this relationship has no future, and each of you have to look for a more compatible partner. Good luck to both of you.
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