Asked by Travis from United STates | Jan. 26, 2017 05:09
About:Year of the Rabbit

Trying to figure out will this be a good year for me or not

I was born on the 2nd of november in 1987 so that makes me a fire rabbit i guess .What does that specifically mean for me.if it's not looking that good what should i do?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jan. 26, 2017 05:33
2017 is your opposite year. You can't stay on you back, doing nothing, just because it is your opposite year. You will do your normal work, but if you try to climb up the ladder, so to speak, you will find it is not possible to get a career advance. So my advice to you is to wait for better times, which will come in 2018. If you try to find love, you will find, but most likely you will meet the wrong person. If you try to make money, you will find that you cannot save any, for one reason or the other.
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