Asked by Bayleigh from United States | Jan. 21, 2017 13:30
About:Year of the Tiger

August 22 1986 @ 12:12am eastern

Hello, I am curious about my career/finances this year and prospects of finding true love? Thank you!

Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from Australia | Jan. 21, 2017 15:50
Looking at your natal chart I can see your natal Uranus in the 7th House. You want freedom in marriage and partnerships, and cannot commit to any long-term partnership. Because your natal Uranus was also afflicted, you are prone to divorce. You are in danger to lose through lawsuits and bad public relations. Do not get involved in politics, law, or relations with the public. Your partnerships generate uncommon experiences with the public. At the moment transiting Saturn is in your 7th House of Marriage and partnerships, so in the next two years it will press you to get married. Because your natal Venus was in your 5th House of Love, you are strongly orientated toward pleasure, and you have a romantic disposition. Romantic behaviour is extremely important to you. You will be a loving parent. You will have baby girls, and when they grow up they will be beautiful and talented. You had Mercury on the bottom of the sky, so you will be highly patriotic. Your natal Sun was in your 4th House, so you will express yourself mainly through family, home, land and property matters. You want to be self-reliant. Your later life will be better than your early years. You will inherit property from your parents. You had Saturn on your descendant, so marriage and any relationship are causing you problems. You won’t marry for love, but for social interests. You will learn to be shrewd, fair and honest, though in relationships you tend to be too cautious, and will miss opportunities. 2017 will improve your career. Your love life will thrive, and your finances will improve. Good luck.
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