Asked by Ammo from Australia | Jan. 15, 2017 21:54
About:Sheep's Love Compatibility

1967 Fire Goat

Hello, please can you advise me. I have started a Bach of Counseling Degree and do you see the year being positive for work-either part-time or casual?
I have been off very sick for nearly 8 months-I am though getting a lot stronger and feeling more healthier each day.
Lastly, I adore a cancer monkey-1968 is there any hope- I have liked him for over a year but feel I want to let him know this year-Is that a stupid move-they are very hard to understand:)
THANK YOU for your insights and I wish you the very best for 2017!!

Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from USA | Jan. 16, 2017 01:44
Hello, Ammo. Your health condition is getting better and better. So be positive and try to find a job. Currently, a part-time job suits you well.

Honestly, the compatibility between you and the person in 1968 seems not that content. You may adore each other at the very beginning. As time passes by, you may start to quarrel due to different attitude to life. So think it twice and date for several times before getting into a relationship.
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