Asked by Lotus from United States | Jan. 09, 2017 06:49
About:Ox's Personality and Characteristics

Hi.. I was born 8.25.97, my boyfriend 2.1.97.. We have been dating for 5 months now.

And I would love to know how things will go for us. We are also long distance, he plans to visit in the summer and my parents dont know. I want to wait until he comes and to introduce, should that be okay?
And right now I am in school. I should be done by July or August. Will job hunting be easy? (I hope so haha)

Are there any major cautions I should take this year?

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Answered by Shan from Germany | Jan. 09, 2017 19:53
Chinese zodiac sign prediction shows that you will make a perfect match. There is a tacit understanding between you and your boyfriend. Both of you are willing to undertake more responsibilities. Ox woman is loyal, simple, and hard-working. Rat man is competent, charming, and loving. You will have sweet and harmonious relationship.

I am afraid that your parents will be surprised if he just shows up suddenly. You had better tell them beforehand. You will embrace favorable career fortune in 2017. Therefore, you are very likely to find a good job.

You are advised not to take part in dangerous activities, like bungee or diving. Pay attention to traffic security! If time permits, you may go to travel with your friends or family. ;)
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