Asked by JRDC from Italy | Jan. 08, 2017 10:40
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What is my luck in work this year and my chance to get additional nationality?

Hi there. I am an earth rooster born 1970 at 7am. I am living in a foreign country, I suffered job losses in 2015 and although I got another job but it is not better and there is no stability. I also applied for additional nationality. May says that this is unlucky this year for people with this sign, What is my luck in job? Will there be a change in my job?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jan. 08, 2017 19:55
An Earth Rooster stands to benefit form the Fire of this year. If you already have a job, you will be able to keep it. You say that you have applied to become a citizen of Italy. If you meet their citizenship criteria, and you are due to be approved, well this year you definitely will get your citizenship. Although this year you won't have an easy year, it won't be hard either. You are looking at a normal year, and at the end of it you will notice a gain. As for the heavy snow you see through your window, at home, don't worry, because it will thaw soon. Good luck.
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