Asked by Felicia Williams from United States | Jan. 03, 2017 12:20
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Felica new commitment /career

Birthday 05/01/57 11:41 am. Will there be a new commitment love relationships for me this year? (Currently single ). I am a certified automobile salesperson, will my sales and income increase? Also , I just rented a beautiful home 12/04/16, for myself, my 23 year old daughter a our 9 month old male Lab/Pit puppy, was this a good move?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jan. 03, 2017 22:26
When you were born, your natal Venus was conjunct your natal Sun, so you will always make a good impression on people, and they like you. Renting a nice place was a good move from your part. Saturn transits through your 5th House, so at first, you will feel unloved, or even unnoticed. You must learn that this Saturn transit forces you to be proud of yourself. If you expect others to give you a medal at this time, it won’t happen. You will learn that now, only you can pat yourself on the back for a work well done, because others won’t. Transiting Jupiter has just entered your 4th House, which represents your home, so for the next year, you will feel wonderfully there. Transiting Uranus has entered your 10th House of career, and it will bring lots of opportunities for you in the next 7 years. It will help you sell lots of electric cars. I have to say that you made a good move, and your luck will improve, especially in love, as I predict that you will find a man who is few years younger than yourself. Good luck.
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