Asked by Khanna from USA | Jan. 01, 2017 05:36
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Hi, dob 8th July 1978 born in India.
I have been jumping from Career to Career since I was 21, because advertising was just not for me. Then I had my 1st child so started business to stay home and stay working. After that had many miscarriages and with constant health issues cannot seem to stick to one profession.
I want to study and become a 1-6 class teacher or then use earlier studies in merchandising to study data analysis.
Please guide me what to study for my best careeer and stability in the profession.
Also can live in India or America. What should I choose. Heart wants to return home to India.

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Answered by Joe from Germany | Jan. 03, 2017 19:08
Being a teacher is very suitable for you. You may take some relative classes, and make yourself fully prepared. Then, try to work as a teacher.

If you want to return back to India, just do it! Probably, you will have better development in your homeland. Best wishes! :)
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