Asked by BKACHAL | Dec. 22, 2016 15:12
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Hi! I'm a female from philippines. Born october 11,1967, 12:40pm

Boyfriend's birthdate is july 11,1963. Are we compatible? What will be our future together? What's store for me in 2017 for my career,love, health and wealth? Will i be successful when i migrate to canada?

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Answered by Jenny from usa | Dec. 22, 2016 20:18
Sure! You will make a perfect match! Both of you are easy-going, romantic, and tolerant. This relationship makes you feel joyful and satisfied. If you cherish each other, you are very likely to go further to marriage.

2017 brings normal luck to you. It might be hard to make great progress or get promoted at career. Just accept the reality and work hard! You can earn a stable income. Save some money! Your love life will prosper in 2017. Your health might be affected by great pressure! Relax yourself and keep fit! It will be a good choice to migrate to Canada! :)
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