Asked by Lori from U.S.A. | Dec. 21, 2016 23:15
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Im an Ox born September 26, 1961 I want to know about increasing prosperity, career, relationship

I would like to know how and when the best time to increase my luck in money in 2017.

Would it be best for me to stay in my relationship with a Rat born March 3, 1960 or move on in 2017.

Will a career change be successful and lucrative for me in 2017?

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Answered by Mia from Italy | Dec. 22, 2016 19:05
Hi, dear! Your fortune in wealth will prosper in the 8th and 10th lunar month. People with these two zodiac signs will make a perfect match. The tacit understanding makes it easy to get along with each other. You will be deeply attracted and benefit a lot from your relationship. When problems occur, try to fix it. Don't give up or miss the right one out of impulse.

Yes, it is a good year for you to change your job. Work hard and you will succeed and earn a stable income. ;)
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