Asked by Liz from Australia | Dec. 12, 2016 04:57
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Born 9.9.68 - Will my new business be successful next year 2017

I have had a successful business for the past 13 years but it has slowly been getting less successful. I have been very stressed about money and considering selling my home which I love. I am considering a new business in my local area in 2017 - will it be successful?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Dec. 12, 2016 06:25
Your question is simple and to the point. My answer is going to be more complicated. If you open a business in your area in 2017 before 28th of January, the entity of the business is going to be Fire Monkey. After that date, it is going to be Fire Rooster. The hour you open this business is very important. At any hour and minute of the day you may open it, there will be the Raising of that particular business, and the planets orbiting on the sky will be in certain houses of the business. If you open at midday, the Sun will be on Middheaven, in its 10th House of career, and how people see that business. So to get a lucky planet into its second house of money, it may ask you to open at a certain hour of the day. In some years, you may need to open the business at midnight, which to the majority of businesses won’t be possible. You need to go and see an astrologer, to plot the Ascendant of your business. Also an astrologer will analyse the other houses of the business, and see if it is well seen by the public, etc. It will be money well spent. Because you were born in an Earth year, you stand to benefit from a business started in a Fire year. If your business is going to be successful or not it all depends on the hour and date you open it. If you open it on full moon, it will be even luckier, as money will pour in. Good luck to you.
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