Asked by Xin from Singapore | Nov. 13, 2016 11:20
About:Rabbit's Horoscope in 2023

Fortune in 2016 & 2017 for me: born in 18/4/87 and am a rabbit.

Hi, May I know if it's suitable for me to start a business in 2016&2017 and my overall fortune in wealth & relationships?

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Answered by Willie from Australia | Nov. 13, 2016 20:12
It should be a challenging year for you career wise. There might be some unexpected problems. If you want to do your own business, you should really be cautious and have a comprehensive plan in mind. Doing so, your business can still be going smoothly and bring you some profit.

The love condition might not be very ideal either. If you are single right now, it is advised you focus on your business and don't spend too much time in finding love. Just let it be and don't rush. When the timing is right, the one will show up naturally.
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