Asked by Jennifer Arevalo from Philippines | Sep. 19, 2016 15:00
About:Year of the Tiger

Hi! I was born on July 1, 1986. I just want to know, when will i meet my destiny?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Sep. 19, 2016 17:19
This year of the Fire Monkey it was your opposite year. Everything you wanted to do it didn't work.
My advice to you is to wait for better times. From the end of January 2017, when the Fire Rooster year starts, your luck will start to improve. In the year after that 2018 (Earth Dog) you will be very lucky.
Sometimes you may have to move to a different place to improve your luck. If you also write your hour and minute of your birth, we could see in which of your astrological houses are the planets transiting at the moment. With that, we could prognosticate and tell you a bit more accurate outcomes. Good luck.
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