Asked by Louisa from India | Jul. 29, 2016 04:54
About:Ox's Horoscope in 2023

Hi my name is Louisa Mascarenhas, born on 07 March 1985

I am facing lot of financial problems, loans not ready to leave me, loans are not getting less but going on increasing, not able to get a stable n good job, not able to get married, lot of negative impact on life.
Pls let me know what is my future n when will all my problems get solved n get good days back.

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Answered by OXYGEN from United States of America | Jul. 31, 2016 03:42
Just hang on there . You are born in the year of the ox . Nothing can break you , you resemble tough and devotion.
Have a positive mindset and keep doing what you are passionate about then things will all get better. You will started to progress this year, maybe you just haven't realize yet .
Even though you have a loan , at least you still have money to spend. But, do be careful on what you spend. Purchase only what you need and not what you don't need.
Your wealth rise by the end of this year, and next will be grateful you've made it.
how do I know ? Because , I myself is born in the year if the ox, John 1985.

Stay positive, and think ahead , be charming :)
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