Asked by Jha from Philippines | Jul. 26, 2016 10:04
About:Year of the Pig

Female,march 15,1983.from philippines.i want to have my own business.

Im married with 1 child.married under in year of the monkey guy ( may 11,1980m.i am currently employee as an accounting asst now.i'm tired of being employed by someone.i want to have my own business.holding my own time.earning great income to suppory my family.and have enough time with them.but the problem is financially,lack of knowledge and idea of what is the best business for there a possibility for me have my own business?and be successful?my husband and i is totally diferrent.we have lots of differences also.and sometime i felt so hard.and as i read our zodiac its totally enemy,contradict with each so upset.even in the horoscope we are still in compatible

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Answered by Bryce from Spain | Jul. 26, 2016 20:55
Jha, it is predicted to be a good year to develop your career. With a full preparation and the accounting background, your business should be quite good.
Quarrels can happen to every couple. You don't need to worry about your marriage. The prediction is only a reference. There is no need to take it serious. Patience, tolerance, and communication can help you solve the problems in your married life.
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