Asked by Virgina from U.S.A | Jun. 28, 2016 07:57
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I've been an Au Pair in PRC before and therefore have had a previous Chinese entry permit before. In the application it asks the date and place of where my last entry permit was granted. I was already in PRC at the time since the last Chinese entry permit was granted as an extension. Do I put that it was granted in Qingdao (which is where I was living in China at the time) Also, I've renewed my passport since then and I have no Chinese entry permits in my new passport. Does this matter? I'm planning to visit my host family that I Au Paired for this year. Do I need a letter of invitation from them/ do I need their address to put on the application?
How specific does the itinerary need to be? Can I just put the city of where I'll be staying or do I need hotel or residence addresses?
Please Help ASAP!

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Answered by Burton from New Zealand | Jun. 28, 2016 20:53
Virgina, the date and place refers to the issuing date and place when and where you get it before you enter PRC. It shouldn’t be the extension date.
If you have your old passport, you can provide the copy of the last Chinese entry permit.
You can get an invitation letter from your host family and put their address on the application form.
You should specify the itinerary as detailed as possible. You should list out the city you will go, the date and the place you will stay. Most of your accommodation arrangement should be provided.
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