Asked by tracy from USA | Jun. 20, 2016 01:50
About:Year of the Dog

Hi, I have questions about my health, marriage and career. I was born on October 6, 1970.

Can you tell me if my health is good, and will I ever find a good paying job in the future? If I ever find a job in the future, when will that happen (in what year)? I am also concern about my marriage and would like to know what I can do to make myself happy. Thank you very much for your reply.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jun. 20, 2016 05:11
You were born Libra in the year of the Metal Dog. You went through some difficult years, as the two previous years were years of the Wood element. As a result, you felt worn out and disheartened. This year and next year are fire years. Since fire melts metal, you may feel that there is no hope. Actually hope is on its way and the years 2018 and 2019 will be Earth years, and you being metal will draw sustenance from them. Please tell us also your hour and minute of your birth, and your’ nearest city, so I could do a chart and see where were your planets on it (in what houses). If there was daylight saving at that time, also mention it in your reply.
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