Asked by C from Da | Jun. 16, 2016 03:32
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What Dates are good for starting business in June?

And what is career/finance outlook for a monkey husband born December 11 1980 (lunar) and wife with same sign born birth date August 27 1980 (lunar)? Seem career luck is bad and tough never ending

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Answered by Newman from Spain | Jun. 16, 2016 20:56
It seems that only June 19th is auspicious for you to open up your business.
The business may go well. But you might be easy to get impulsive according to the prediction. So, when you are talking to clients, you may need to control your emotion a little bit. As for financial condition, the money earned in the business should improve your living condition greatly. Don’t get involved in stock market. The possibility to win is quite slight.
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