Asked by john from United Kingdom | Jun. 15, 2016 07:46
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huanghuacheng visiting times

just wanted to ask a few questions: can this section of the wall be visited in one day? also, how easy is to walk along the wall? i imagine it isnt as well built/conserved as badaling or mutianyu.

i have no idea how long it would take to get there from dongzhimen by bus (even if i leave early in morning)

what are bus times like?

many thanks

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Answered by Aled from France | Jun. 15, 2016 20:41
One day to this section is totally enough. This section is not very steep, so climbing is won’t take too much of your energy. But you should watch your step for some parts of wall were not well preserved.
You are recommended to go there on weekends. There are special buses from Dongzhimen Transport Hub and Xuanwumen to the Wall directly and the departure times are around 8:00-9:00 and 7:30-8:30 respectively. You will arrive at the destination in 1.5h.
Answered by john from United Kingdom | Jun. 15, 2016 22:42

thank you very much for the reply.

what are the departure times btw? also, you said i could complete the trip in one day, but does that also include visiting the lake too? i would really like to take a boat trip.

i'm thinking of either visiting there or the simatai section because of the nearby lakes. i would actually prefer to visit simatai great wall, since i could also visit gubei water town but i have been told that would take too long and could not be completed in a day.
Answered by Aled | Jun. 16, 2016 01:22
The bus departs from Dongzhimen at around 8:00-9:00. If you choose to take it at Xuanwumen, you should arrive at the station earlier for the departure time there is at 7:30-8:30.
The lake is right at the foot of the wall. So you can view the Wall and cruise the lake at the same time. One day will be totally enough.
Simatai is also a good choice to feel the wild beauty of the Wall. But it is recommended you arranged a two-day tour. You can climb the Wall in daytime and stroll around the beautiful Gubei Water Town at night. I also heard that you can have a night hike to Simatai. That sounds quite attractive.
Answered by John from United Kingdom | Jun. 16, 2016 03:07
thanks for the assistance. i assume no prior booking of tickets is required?
Answered by Aled | Jun. 16, 2016 19:48
You don't need to book the ticket in advance. But I heard that the visitors volume is controled in Simatai. if you decided to visit Simatai, a reservation on their offical website is needed, or your tour may not be guaranteed.
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