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Mt Hua from Luoyang

We are traveling to Xian from Luoyang and wanted to hike/cable car up Huashan for sunset, then hike the peaks after sunrise the next morning before hiking/cable car to the bottom and taking the bus to Xian.

1. Is there a sensible way to get to Huashan from Luoyang, or are we best going from Luoyang to Xian and doubling back to Huashan?

2. Sounds like the hike up to where the cable car lets you out is about 2.5-3 hours and I assume the cable car is under 30 min... do you miss much of the view by taking the cable car up and/or down or can you essentially see most things if you are hiking between the peaks at the top?

3. We are also considering doing a few other hikes/possible overnight mountain stays but might not get to stay over in all locations. Currently thinking: Hanshan, Huangshan, Emeishan and also doing the cable car up in Zhangxiaxie (and maybe Wuyi). How do these compare- are there any which are can't miss or not really worth overnighting at?


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Answered by Rosa | Apr. 18, 2016 02:33
Hi, you can take a high speed train from Luoyang to Huashan North Railway statoin. If you take a morning train, you may have time to climb to the East Peak to see the sunset. The cable car only takes a few minutes. After you hiking the Mt. Hua, you can take a train or a bus to Xian. As for other mountains, they are in different cities far from each other. It takes a long time and costs a lot to see all the mountain, so I suggest you only visit Huangshan, which is more beatiful and worth of seeing in my opinion.
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