Asked by Xiu Lin from Indonesia | Mar. 30, 2016 08:33
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Career and money

I was born on 27 april 1988
I have difficulty and my job is suck. May I know my career in 2016 whether it will be better or worse? Is there any new work opportunity for me out there?
How about my personal income and saving?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Mar. 30, 2016 17:33
Hi Xiu,
You are an impulsive and ingenious woman, who likes innovation and maverick people. You have ambition and pride, but you also have sentimental difficulties. You have problems to communicate. You may be an aloof, inflexible and lonely woman. You need to find a balance between your logical thinking and your feelings. You have a strong constitution but you need to take care of your cardiovascular system. At the moment you have transiting Jupiter trine your Native Jupiter, so it is extremely auspicious time for you to increase your luck. You should improve your fairness. You need a profession where you will be able to fulfil your material needs, and where you will develop your sense of service. You could be an administrator or a manager. Also at this time transiting Jupiter conjunct your native moon so you have the highest chance in 12 years to have a baby. You will benefit a great deal from this Fire Monkey Year. You need to learn to express your feelings and thoughts, and to trust your own imagination and intuition. Good luck to you.
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