Asked by Chazhamer from USA | Mar. 24, 2016 23:22
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is she my soulmate well our relationship last

I am a male dog born August 28th 1970 currently involved with a female sheep born August 2nd 1979 we have been friends for over 16 years we are currently romantically involved well our relationship last and is she my soulmate

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Answered by Lance from United Kingdom | Mar. 26, 2016 01:29
Oh, yes. It's predicted that you will be perfect couple finally. In the future, you will establish a stable family together. And the marriage life will be sweet and everlasting. Although there will still have several quarrels, you are suggested to face the difficulties and try to understand each other. Besides, 2016 is a nice year for unmarried couples. Maybe you can prepare a wedding now!
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