Asked by julie from USA | Jan. 22, 2016 03:34
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Monkey to Monkey relationship

I'm an aries monkey and my boyfriend is a gemini monkey. We fight constantly. I'm not sure what to do. We've been together for 3.5 years, and we need to make a decision on whether this is the right relationship for us or not, and if not, we need to go on. I seem to think that if we fight as much as we do, then we're not compatible. He seems to think that couples fight and that's normal. We can't threaten to leave every time it gets hard. I'm so confused. I don't know what to do. I have a man that is currently pursuing me, someone I met 8 years ago during my travels, he's a Gemini Ox. Your advice is appreciated.

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Answered by Mindy from Netherlands | Jan. 23, 2016 03:50
Julie, truth is that you two are compatible. You just need to make some adjustments. You both should try to be considerate instead of being selfish. Please do not be suspicious. Lastly, try to calm down and face your problems rationally. Fights and quarrels can't solve your problems.

That Ox guy is incompatible with you. You two have your own goals and you will do everything to realize your goals. However, you seldom care for each other.

Anyway, it's what Chinese zodiac says about you, your BF and your admirer. You need to make your own decision.
Answered by Julie from USA | Jan. 23, 2016 04:47
Thank you. I think I already know what to do. I haven't talked about this with anyone so I just needed to hear from another person that isn't too involved. You're right, we're selfish.
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