Asked by Sheridan Mikayla from Philippines | Jan. 07, 2016 18:44
About:Year of the Rooster

Career and Love. I was born on May 27, 1993, Water Rooster.

Hi there! I have been having trouble with my career life, since I have been changing offices just within this year. I feel so devastated now because I am not happy with my current job. And also, I want to know if my lovelife will also prosper this year? I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. He is a Metal Horse (As I searched), November 18, 1990. Will 2016 be my year? :( Last year wasn't my best year.

Answers (1)
Answered by Robin from Canada | Jan. 09, 2016 03:35
You are unlucky in your career in 2016. So I am afraid that it's unwise to quit this year because I'm worried if you can find another better job. However, your love fortune is not bad. I guess that your relationship will go on harmoniously. It's possible that he might propose to you.
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