Asked by bee from Philippines | Jan. 06, 2016 08:07
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My birthday is on October 9, 1989, Earth Snake, Libra female. I have a new job with higher salary, higher position but I am still in doubt if I will be successful this year. also, I have a boyfriend who is a Wood Rat, Taurus, Male. I want to know our compatibility scale. Thanks!

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Answered by Zoey from Belgium | Jan. 07, 2016 21:40
Bee, your zodiac signs are compatible. However, your elements (earth and wood) aren't. So I am afraid that you two will have conflicts time to time. If you both make compromise, then you still can make your relationship work.

Your career will be smooth this year. However, your finance and love life won't. It's said that you might lose some money or something valuable. And there will be ups and downs in your relationship.
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