Asked by Lissa from Singapore | Jan. 05, 2016 00:45
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Relationship compatibility questioning

Hi i am born in the year of tiger 30 dec 1986 and my boyfriend is born on 11 may 1978..we have been in long distance relationship for abt 1.5 years while we have been dating for almost 3 years.. we have alot of quarrells recently
1. i want to know whether we r compatible?
2. Is hee my life partner?
3. When will i get married?

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Answered by Jarry from Canada | Jan. 05, 2016 01:03
Yes, you are compatible. The quarrels may be caused by the long distance. If possible, change the current situation and stay together. According to Chinese astrology, both of you are energetic and enterprising. As long as you end the long-distance relationship soon, you are expected to stay together for long. He is very likely to be your future husband.
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