Asked by Therese from Philippines | Dec. 27, 2015 17:08
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Hi I was born on September 30 1988. what awaits me?

Hi I'm Therese I was born on September 30 1988. And I'm opening a beauty hub on January 2016. I just wanna ask what awaits me? And I've been for 3years of relationship he is a year of the snake is there any future for our relationship? Thank you

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Answered by Teresa from Russia | Dec. 27, 2015 20:14
Hi, your beauty hub will run well. I suggest you treat all customers very politely and modestly, and they will be willing to come for more services. You will keep on getting along well with your love. Now that it has been three years since you stayed together, it is high time that you should think about marriage things. You will lead a happy life~~
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